8 June 2024

Argyle, the leading employment data platform, has recently made headlines with its successful Series B financing round, securing a whopping $55 million in funding[1]. This New York-based company aims to revolutionize credit decisioning by providing companies with real-time access to user-permissioned employment records[3]. With the support of investors like SignalFire, Bain Capital Ventures, Bedrock, and Checkr, Argyle plans to expand its team and global footprint[2]. In this article, we will delve into the details of Argyle’s recent funding round and explore the implications of its innovative employment data verification platform.

Argyle’s Series B Financing Round

Argyle’s latest funding round has been a significant milestone for the company, as it raised $55 million in Series B funding[1]. Led by SignalFire, this financing round also saw participation from prominent investors like Bain Capital Ventures, Bedrock, and Checkr[2]. The substantial investment reflects the confidence these investors have in Argyle’s potential to disrupt the credit decisioning landscape.

The funds raised in this round will be utilized by Argyle to expand its team and global presence[2]. With an increased workforce, the company can further enhance its employment data platform and provide even better services to its clients. Additionally, expanding its global footprint will allow Argyle to reach more companies and offer them access to user-permissioned employment records in real-time[3].

The Power of Argyle’s Employment Data Platform

Argyle’s employment data platform is designed to provide companies with seamless access to user-permissioned employment records[3]. By leveraging this platform, businesses can make more informed credit decisions and streamline their operations. The real-time nature of the data ensures that companies have the most up-to-date information at their disposal, enabling them to assess creditworthiness accurately.

This platform offers numerous benefits to both employers and employees. For employers, it simplifies the process of verifying employment records, eliminating the need for manual verification and reducing administrative burdens[3]. On the other hand, employees can grant permission for their employment data to be shared securely, giving them greater control over their information and facilitating faster credit decisioning processes.

The Future of Credit Decisioning

Argyle’s employment data platform has the potential to transform the credit decisioning landscape. By providing companies with real-time access to employment records, it streamlines the verification process and reduces the risk of fraud[3]. This technology can be particularly beneficial for industries like financial services, where accurate and timely credit decisions are crucial.

Moreover, Argyle’s platform aligns with the growing trend of user-permissioned data sharing. As individuals become more conscious of their data privacy, platforms that prioritize user consent and control gain a competitive edge. Argyle’s employment data platform exemplifies this approach by allowing employees to grant permission for their data to be shared securely[3].


Argyle’s successful Series B financing round highlights the immense potential of its employment data platform. With $55 million in funding, the company is well-positioned to expand its team and global presence, further enhancing its innovative solution[1]. By providing companies with real-time access to user-permissioned employment records, Argyle aims to revolutionize credit decisioning and streamline operations for businesses across various industries[3]. As the demand for accurate and timely credit decisions continues to grow, Argyle’s platform offers a compelling solution that prioritizes user consent and control[3]. With the support of its investors, Argyle is poised to shape the future of credit decisioning and empower companies with valuable employment data.


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